This page features a listing of my own compositions, first my non-Classical and choral hymns, followed by my Classical works.  My orchestral works are placed in both Classical and non-Classical classifications.


For the first table, clicking on the lyrics and audio links will bring up the respective lyrics or audio file.  I will add the purchase link on the far right of the table once everything is set up for the completed works to be purchased “see below”




I have decided not to use Sibelius Cloud Publishing for the intent and purpose of selling my works through e-commerce.  Instead, I have decided to use Sellfy.  I had thought of using Shopify, but it looked like to me the amount of work required in regard to the learning curve would be higher for the latter and less for the former.  As such, I have created a large “master chart” of sorts, using Microsoft Word, in order to document various important details with regard to each of the individual works.  Although I have included some details, such as key signature, time signature and tempo markings in the chart given in Adobe Muse, I felt it best to repeat said details also in regard to the description for each work in Sellfy.  That being the first part of the description, the second part being a snapshot or synopsis of sorts of the lyrics, including any inspiration I used in creating said lyrics, again for each of the original works.


The big reason why I have made this choice is due to the fact that with using the version of Sibelius I have, I am limited to the number of songs I can upload.  That all being said, I may decide, in the future, to upload as many songs as Sibelius will allow to Sibelius Cloud Publishing.  Currently, I have the Student version, but in the near future, am planning to upgrade.  I believe by doing so, I will be able to accomplish this, but again, I do believe there will still be a limit as to how many I am allowed to.  Currently, I have about 80 Non-Classical works in my master chart for all of my original works proper.


When I had set up my chart for all of my non-Classical works a few years back, I left the right most column for the e-commerce portion of this page.  Once each work is prepared in regard to Sellfy, there will be a button in this column which will take you to the Sellfy page, where you will be able to purchase the work.  I have included a two page preview for each of my original works.  Once all of my now completed works are set up in this manner, each work I complete in the future will follow the same suit.


In regard to my Classical works, once my non-Classical works are set up, I will provide freebies, essentially parts of said works to get a glimpse of them.  For some, it will be the theme only, for others it will be a certain number of bars or one instrument.  I will look at each work and decide on the best way to accomplish this.


For the Impressionist & Post-Impressionist Works, specific notes (pieces in no particular order):


1. Foreign Landscapes is a Post-Impressionist work written for two pianos but includes no rhythms.  Each note is of the same rhythmic duration, a quarter note and multiple time signatures are used.  Essentially, each hand performs one line and as the music is played, chords can be heard.  The piece will be performed by written instruction and phrasing.


2. Variations on Dreaming is an Impressionist work that uses the same chordal structure, much like a canon does.  With each variation, there are rhythmic changes, as well as changes in instrumentation and voices used.


3. Untitled is a Post-Impressionist work with a clear indication of the key at the beginning, but does not clearly return to the original key until the very end of the work.  Instead, various keys are used as the main basis of the work, which each key generally progressing smoothly in to the next.


4. Water Effects is a Impressionist Theme & Variations type of piece, using the same chordal structure.  The main theme is heard, followed by several variations, each with changes in rhythm and tempo.


5. Untitled 2 Is an Impressionist or Post-Impressionist piece for orchestra.  A main theme or motif with a clearly defined chordal structure is clearly heard at the beginning of the work which is repeated and used both in different instruments and in differing chordal patterns, using the same structure.  Changes in expression and dynamics are clearly heard until the end of the piece, bringing the work to a climatic conclusion.


6. I have left several rows in both of the tables on this page for songs that I may start and work in the future which have the word “Spare” at the beginning.




For those who have a rudimentary theory education/understanding of time signatures, key signatures, basic tempo markings, etc., I have enclosed two charts.  The first is of all my Non-Classical and choral works; the second is all my Classical works.  As I work more on these pieces, I will update the charts accordingly and re-upload on a regular basis.


The first chart is drawn as follows:


1.  Name: Name of the work

2.  Type: Type of work

3.  Lyrics: Complete & linked

4.  Audio: Complete & linked

5.  Time: Time signature

6.  Key(s): Key signature(s) (some works have more than one)

7.  Tempo(s): Includes both the word marking as well as the beats per minute to the standard beat of the piece (some works have more than one)

8.  Track TM: The Track Time of the completed work

9.  Prog: The program I have used for each work.  Currently, I have only a few programs in Musescore to transfer to Sibelius.  Some of the works I have not yet started in Sibelius, other ones I have set up the score in regards to instrumentation, initial key signature, and time signature; others have been partially worked.


The second chart is drawn as follows:


1.  Name:  Name of the work

2.  Period: The period in musical history to which the work belongs

3.  Type: The type of work; orchestration needed

4.  Key: Key signature(s) (most works have more than one)

5.  Time: Time signature(s) (some works have more than one)

6.  Tempo: Includes both the word marking as well as the beats per minute to the standard beat of the piece (some works have more than one)




A Chance In Heaven
A Dream Come True
A Light From Heaven
A Little Bitty Ditty
A Melody From Heaven
A Mothers Day Wish
A New Beginning
A New Heart
Angels In The Wind
Arms Of Love
A Swallows Cheek
Autumn Rain
Beating Of Two Hearts
Burning Love
Catch A Falling Star
Colours Of The Night
Dare To Dream
Distant Waters
Eternal Stars
Everlasting Life
Faithless Nights
Falling From Heaven
Far Far Away
For Better Or For Worse
Forever Yours
Fork In The Road
Giving Your Heart
Heartfelt Friends
Heaven Sent
Hot Dawg Mama
House Of My Heart
I Promise You This
Kassina & Travis: Wedding Dedication
Kylie & Nick: Wedding Dedication
Leaves In The Wind
Light Of The Soul
Liz & Dave: 25th Year Anniversary
Long Road Home
Look In My Eyes
Love In The Stars
Mending A Heart
Murray Song 1: Dedication
Murray Song 2: Dedication
My Promise To You
On Eagles' Wings
Pieces Of My Heart
Plains Of Tennessee
Power To Believe
Prayer Of My Heart
Prayer Of The Heart
Puzzle Of Life
Quick On The Feet
Road Of Dreams
Rock The House
Sailing The Seas
Seeking The Light
Shine The Light
Song Of Passing: Dedication
Soul Lovers
Stars In The Sky
Stars In Your Eyes
Tell Me You'll Stay
The Kingdom
The Sun And The Moon
The Sun In The Sky Again
Time To Fly
To The Sea
Unwind My Heart
White Satin
Wings Of Heaven
Wings Of Love
Wings Of The Heart
Wish On A Star




Two Part Children's Inventions
Sonata In F Major Theme
Symphony No. 1 In E Flat Major
Waltz In E Flat Major 16 Bars with Repeat
Variations on Dreaming Harp Part
Water Effects Theme - Piano Top Part
Untitled 25 Bars - Piano
Foreign Landscapes
Untitled 2