In this section, you will find a collection of my cover songs that are on YouTube.  Just click the link of the song that you want to hear.  I plan to post more cover song videos in the future.  I have also included the musicians who have performed the original track within the description of each YouTube video.




i have listed my cover songs alphabetically, with the five videos each containing more than one song (Four parts of the Street Medley as well as the Various Titles from Artists) at the end.  Each of the song titles will be in bold font.


Within each of the 5 videos with multiple songs, beside each song description and artist information, I have put the time each song can be heard.  This should help clear up if there is any confusion as to when each song starts and ends.








All I Ask Of You Link
Beauty & The Beast: Main Theme Link
Can You Feel The Love Tonight Link
Don't Cry For Me Argentina Link
Forrest Gump Suite Link
Immortality Link
Improvisation Link
Improvisation On Canon In D Link
Music Box Dancer Link
My Heart Will Go On Link
(My) Valentine Link
St. Elmo's Fire: Main Theme Link
Terms Of Endearment Link
Nick Parsons, Street Medley, Part 1 Link
Nick Parsons, Street Medley, Part 2 Link
Nick Parsons, Street Medley, Part 3 Link
Nick Parsons, Street Medley, Part 4 Link
Various Titles From Artists Link